Hi. We're Greg and Paul and we love edibles. As we shopped for a tasty and wholesome edible we did not have much luck. The choices were all sugar-laden options: chocolates, cookies, gummies, and brownies. Good stuff, but not so good for you.  We both have friends and family who live with diabetes, cancer and HIV, so good nutrition was our goal when we created Seven Saints Superfoods.

We also found that getting accurate dosing in an edible can be a gamble. Sometimes too little, sometimes too much, and sometimes way too much. Not good.

How about something different? Maybe something better for you? With accurate dosing? We thought we could do better. So we did. Greg is a food enthusiast with a professional background in food product development and safety.  Paul is a food enthusiast with a professional background in sales and marketing, and has helped launch new glucose management products to help people with diabetes.  We tried a bunch of things and took a year to get it right. The result is Seven Saints Superfoods.

We have a simple philosophy that guides Seven Saints Superfoods:

We care about your health. We strive to make tasty edibles that are better for you.  The current sugary options for edibles are not great for patients who use cannabis to treat nutrition-sensitive illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.  We promote a stronger community by using nutrient-dense superfood ingredients like coconut, flaxseed, and protein.  

We provide accuracy and predictability. Getting an accurate dose should not be a gamble. Our Sprinkles make dosing easy. One packet is one dose.  Either 10mg or 5mg.  Whatever works for you, since everyone's metabolism is different. Remember, start low and go slow; it can be an hour or so before you will feel the effect of a cannabis edible.

We innovate. Edibles should be fun, so we pioneer new kinds of edibles. Our first offering is Seven Saints Sprinkles which let you turn anything edible into a cannabis edible. Get creative, have some fun. Cannabis popcorn and Netflix? Or maybe a cannabis vinaigrette on your next salad? Let our recipes be your inspiration. 

We believe in science. Enough with the reefer madness hype. Cannabis is a wonder drug given to us by nature.  We all need to support advocacy and legislation for sane, science-based policies to legalize and regulate cannabis.

We listen. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our customers, and we rely on them to continue helping us shape the future of cannabis edibles. We want to hear from you.