Welcome to seven saints superfoods™

Seven Saints Superfoods are just that. Super. Food.

We create cannabis edibles with natural ingredients you can actually pronounce. Things like cocoa, coconut, flaxseeds, chia, and sea salt. Nutrient-dense ingredients that feed your body. No chemicals that pollute your body. Better ingredients make for better edibles.



With Seven Saints Sprinkles™ anything edible can be a cannabis edible.  Add them to the foods you already love to make them even better. Our Sprinkles come in two flavors: Sweet & Toasted, a lightly sweet mix of cocoa and coconut, and Crisp & Savory, an herbal mix of rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme. Add Sweet & Toasted Sprinkles into your smoothie for a little extra zing on your morning run, or over yogurt, cottage cheese, or ice cream. Our Crisp & Savory Sprinkles are fantastic on steak, chicken and grilled vegetables -  just sprinkle before serving.

Be creative. How about a cannabis vinaigrette on your salad? Or some sprinkled popcorn on your next movie date? It’s up to you. We just want to help you find that perfect spot of relaxation. Every time.




Accurate Dosing

As many of us have found out the hard way, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. We want to give you the right amount every time. One package is one precise dose. No guessing. No surprises.

Our Sprinkles are produced by professional food experts, tested in an independent lab for dosage accuracy, and packaged in single 10mg dose packages. 

We will soon offer a 5mg micro-dose option. If you are new to cannabis edibles, the 5mg micro-dose is for you. If you are more of a cannabis veteran, go for the 10mg. When it comes to edibles, always start low and go slow.


Discreet cannabis

Sometimes it can be a bit conspicuous to consume cannabis in public so we designed our Sprinkles in tasteful discreet packaging.  Feel free to open up a packet and add it to you favorite foods wherever you want. No one will know but you. And maybe a few of your friends.